History & Features

The cottage was hand built by the Chrimes family in the early 1900s. Mr Chrimes and his five sons lived in a shed whilst making mud bricks from the creek to build their house.

The Chrimes raised their family there for many years, never having electricity, plumbing or running water. They used the creek for water and the toilet was a thunderbox – which is still there today.

The house was vacant for 30 years ending up derelict as can be seen in our Restoration Gallery,

In 1997 we started restoring the cottage, trying to keep as much originality as possible. The cottage has now received a Heritage Certificate.

The renovations were completed in 1998 and on the open day Mr Chrime’s four sons who originally built the house came back to have a look. They were all overjoyed with the finished job.

Hoddy’s Well is also situated on the property. Mr Hoddy built the well in 1880 and it is now heritage listed. The well is about 15 feet in diameter and at least 30 feet deep – all stone-lined, hand made. We have yet to restore the well but it is on the agenda.